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Northern Lights is a free K-8 public charter school devoted to exploration of our urban ecosystem, relationship-based learning, and educating curious critical thinkers.

Classes begin in Fall 2019. 


Urgent Fundraising Need


Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Soo Dhawoow!


Northern Lights needs the support of our community

We have secured a location! We are not quite ready to announce, pending contract negotiations, but we anticipate being able to share details by the end of January. We will need to offer a security deposit on the building by mid-February, but unfortunately we cannot use grand funds for this, and we must fundraise!

Need: $30,000

To reach our fundraising goal, Northern Lights founders are seeking grants from foundations, business sponsorships, and donations from families!

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Celebrating 2018, Looking Ahead

2018 was a big year for St. Paul School of Northern Lights! The first half of the year was spent reaching foundational organizational goals upon which to build future success. We were authorized by IQS, incorporated as a non-profit, and established our founding board. We commissioned a logo, established our website and social media presence, and secured a fiscal receiver as we wait for IRS approval for our 501c3 status.

Northern Lights shifted our focus in the second half of the year to community engagement. We hosted more than 250 families and educators at eight events in St. Paul.

2018 also saw fundraising successes for Northern Lights. Our first goal was for $850 due for our IRS application for 501c3 status, for which we raised $1,500. Our second fundraising success was raising $2,000 to pay a grant writer. In total, we raised 23% over our initial goals.


Latest news

Big news for St. Paul School of Northern Lights! We applied for and were awarded a federal start up grant for new charter schools. This will give Northern Lights $600,000 over the next 3 years and with it we will be able to purchase books for our library, classroom supplies and furniture, professional development opportunities for teachers, and so much more. Truly this ensures that Northern Lights will be ready to open in the fall!

For more, please see our winter newsletter linked below.


Our Mission

Exploring our urban ecosystem, St. Paul School of Northern Lights ensures a progressive, relationship-based learning process, educating students to be kind, curious, critical thinkers who are advocating for positive change in their diverse community.

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Core Values

urban ecosystem exploration

Learning will happen in the classroom and as we explore our surrounding community and natural spaces, forging meaningful connections between students and their environment.


Relationships are the essence of St. Paul School of Northern Lights. We understand the value of belonging to and building a strong community. We build community through kindness, valuing all of our members, and sharing our learning across classrooms and grade levels.

diversity and equity

Respecting and celebrating difference, we will focus on intercultural development as a school for and with the community. We will set cross-cultural goals for understanding, acknowledge challenges, and navigate differences together, empowering all community members to communicate respectfully.

progressive learning

Students are born curious and ready to learn. We seek to preserve children’s innate knowledge of self and curiosity about the world in which they live. Our teachers use a dynamic and interactive approach that encourages students to explore deeply. We hold space for students to learn to balance work, life, and play.


Children are capable citizens who can and do positively contribute to their communities. We recognize and foster students’ individuality and encourage them to use their knowledge and skills for the common good. Our school is intentional about ensuring that all students understand critical concepts around identity, allyship, and social justice. We believe that developing empathy and community engagement can and should be central to the learning experience.


“Participation, in fact, is based on the idea that reality is not objective, that culture is a constantly evolving product of society, that individual knowledge is only partial; and that in order to construct a project, especially an educational project, everyone’s point of view is relevant in dialogue with those of others, within a framework of shared values. The idea of participation is founded on these concepts; and in our opinion, so, to, is democracy itself. Therefore, if we want to have a school based on participation, we must create spaces, contexts, and times when all subjects--children, teachers, and parents--can find opportunities to speak and be listened to.”

—Paola Cagliari, Angela Barozzi and Claudia Giudici



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