Our school will be located at 426 Osceola Avenue in the West Seventh neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Mississippi River, Palace Recreation Center, and the West 7th Library are within blocks. The school has a gymnasium, cafeteria, and even a kitchen classroom!

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We believe there are three teachers in every classroom: the student, the teacher, and the environment. The environment includes the physical classroom, the school building, the outdoor spaces surrounding the school, and the community itself.

Indoor space

  • Flexible classroom spaces where children can explore music, fine art, science, math, language arts, & social studies, both collaboratively and individually

  • Collaborative teacher work spaces

  • Kitchen and community eating spaces

  • A library

  • Sensory and OT space

  • Spaces envisioned and created by children, which will continue to evolve and change as we grow

Outdoor space

  • Schoolyard gardens, including native perennials, annual flowers, vegetables, and habitats for pollinators, all planted and cared for by students

  • Outdoor classroom space, with benches, wooden stumps, and patios for gatherings of small and large groups

  • Chicken coops

  • Playground constructed of natural materials, with lots of manipulatives and loose parts so children can create their own play scenarios

The photos below show what the school looks like now. Teachers will begin to adapt the space after we take possession of the building in July, and will continue to co-evolve the space with their students starting in the Fall.

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School_426 Osceola PDF-6.jpg
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